Radon Services

Radon Testing

Doug (owner, operator) is a certified radon measurement and mitigation provider by the NRPP. The test is simple. The real-time, continuous monitor is placed in the home to measure radon levels for 48 hours which means no waiting for a lab for results. Once the results come in, Doug will consult with the homeowner on options to lower the radon levels if results yield 4.0 pC/l.


Radon Mitigation

Radon mitigation is Doug's speciality. He strives to engineer and design the best system for the home that perform at the highest quality.  Each system is custom and specifically built for each home.

+ Doug uses RadonAway fans (made in the U.S.A) which have a 5-year limited manufacture warranty which are quiet and attractive, thermally protected, and ETL listed for outdoor and indoor use.

+ After the mitigation system is installed, Doug guarantees the levels of radon to be below 4.0 pC/l per the EPA guidelines. His goal is to make sure the system maintains operation and continues to remove radon from the home. He provides a 5 year guarantee on workmanship for the designed and installed system that is installed in the home.

+ A vapor barrier will be installed if the home has a crawlspace.

+ Once a suction point is established Doug will consult with the homeowner on placement of the mitigation pipe system and the fan will be installed.

+ Aesthetics is key. The system will be aesthetically pleasing and will fit like a glove with the home. All systems are designed to be as quiet as possible.

Construction Services


Light Remodeling

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Repair and Maintenance / Handyman Services

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